Being an Opening Act

Hi guys, today, I’d like to share my experiences opening for international artists! This video was made to promote myself to Marie Digby’s fans before her Singapore performance where I was the opening act. I held a ticket giveaway and managed to gain some YouTube subscribers from there!

Anyway, being chosen to open for international acts is such an incredible feeling. More so if you are a fan of them in the first place. For example, when I opened for Marie Digby, it was indeed a dream come true! I had been a fan of hers since her initial YouTube videos back in 2007. I used to rush home in between classes while in university to learn all her songs on guitar… she was the one who inspired me to start writing singer-songwriter/pop/contemporary songs. So, to get to meet her in person and open for her was an incredible feeling. Moreover, she was the nicest person ever. First of all, she emailed me personally to tell me the great news that I’ll be opening for her. And on the day itself, she offered to help me carry my things when I was struggling with a few bags. And she thanked me on stage which was really nice of her. I also met her family who were lovely!

I also opened for Tiffany Alvord earlier this year, and I’ll be opening for Lenka in November! Really excited about that.

I wanted to share my experiences of opening for these artists – first of all, it is extremely nerve wrecking! The audience is there to watch their favourite artist, but they have to wait longer before he/she comes on stage for their set because of you. I know what it’s like, I have personally been in the audience’s seat! 😉 So it’s pretty stressful – to have to get the audience to warm up to you despite the situation… And with a whole concert hall of eyes on you, most of whom have never heard of you before, it is very daunting. You want to win fans over and also not screw up! And it doesn’t reflect well on the headliner if the opening act isn’t very good either so that’s added pressure. But I guess I try to be myself, focus on giving a good performance and just savour the opportunity!

Thankfully, the audiences of both Marie and Tiffany have been really supportive and I’ve earned some great fans from both these opening gigs.


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