Put A Little Spell On Me

‘Giraffe Dreams’ is a collaboration with two of my friends, Travis Minjan and Madeleine Tan. What’s really special is that all three of us came from banking backgrounds, quit our jobs to pursue our passion in music. Being surrounded by people who are all so passionate about what they do is something that I treasure about being a musician. And I feel like we are on the same wavelength, having been through the same thing. We kind get each other. lol We all love what we do and it’s so inspiring. And I’m glad there are people having the courage to step out and reaching for our dreams. It’s so easy to get trapped in our comfort zones and live the rest of our lives doing something we feel nothing for, just because it’s giving us a good pay.. but “our truest life is when we are in dreams awake” (Henry David Thoreau), so hope to see more Singaporeans living their dreams! 🙂
Happy Friday and enjoy our little music video. Hope it puts a smile on your face!!


p.s. here’s the link to buy our song! http://www.giraffedreams.bandcamp.com :p


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