Being an Opening Act

Hi guys, today, I’d like to share my experiences opening for international artists! This video was made to promote myself to Marie Digby’s fans before her Singapore performance where I was the opening act. I held a ticket giveaway and managed to gain some YouTube subscribers from there! Anyway, being chosen to open for international […]

How To Deal With Negative Feedback

Most likely, along the way in your music journey, you’re gonna come across people who dislike your music, your YouTube videos, comment on your voice, your songs, give your album a negative review.. I’ve been through all of that and I can honestly say they can be very crushing and heartbreaking, especially after you’ve put […]

Sunny Singapore

Originally posted on M.leine's:
I read something interest article by the Rock Publicity on Social Media in Singapore. Singapore is one of the leading country in Asia in terms of Social Media. 4/5 of Singaporeans have access to the internet in their home. And, on average Singaporeans spend 103.6 hrs online per month. This…

Put A Little Spell On Me

‘Giraffe Dreams’ is a collaboration with two of my friends, Travis Minjan and Madeleine Tan. What’s really special is that all three of us came from banking backgrounds, quit our jobs to pursue our passion in music. Being surrounded by people who are all so passionate about what they do is something that I treasure […]

The Death Of The Recording Industry

Another one bites the dust On Wednesday, Gramophone announced that it will be ceasing operations in Singapore. Gramphone, which had as many as nine outlets just four years ago, ran only one store at The Cathay as of late. However, that proved unsustainable as well, and it is now the latest casualty here after American […]

10 Steps to get you started in the music scene in Singapore

1. Find a mentor Look around for a mentor to guide you, someone who’s been there and done that. A mentor should be encourage you, help you to eliminate your weaknesses, identify and bring out your strengths, and provide honest feedback on your progress. Your mentor will not sugarcoat anything cos the only way to […]